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Frijns effectiveness CIResearch on the fundamental mechanisms and functioning of new speech coding algorithms for cochlear implants

Johan Frijns

In addition to standard clinical stimulation patterns, there are many other speech coding strategies for cochlear implants possible. With the aid of psychophysical and computational modelling experiments, the working of such algorithms is tested. In addition, using patient trials insight is obtained into the final operation of these new stimulation strategies. 

Sound quality of for example music and speech intelligibility in noise are limited despite improved results in cochlear implanting. Improved coding strategies that use the features of the modern implants might improve this. Previously the number of electrodes and stimulation frequency were increased, which are now already available in clinical settings. One of the sub-projects in this research line is on the encoding of prosody with cochlear implants (in collaboration with Prof. Niels Schiller). In addition, in our center tests are done with current steering, phantom stimulation and various current focusing multipolar stimuli. Besides trying out these kind of stimulation strategies, it is attempted to gain insight into the mechanisms underlying these strategies, that can explain the results obtained.