dr. Rinus Verdonschot

My name is Rinus Verdonschot. I am a psychologist with a specific interest how Japanese and Chinese people can read aloud words written in their complicated scripts. In my PhD-thesis I particularly focused on how characters which have more than one pronunciation (which is about 60% of all characters in Japanese but only a relatively small part in Chinese) activate their correct (or intended) pronunciation.  In addition, I am also interested in people who speak more than one language. In particular I would like to know how bilinguals can keep their languages separate and whether or not various stages in language production follow the same route for all languages, for instance, is the “size” of the phonological unit which is used to construct the pronunciation of words different or not between languages (such as Dutch, English, Japanese and Chinese).  In addition, I have collaborations with scientists looking at other very interesting things such as: curiosity (with Marieke Jepma), religion (with Lorenza Colzato) and even how pianists play the piano (with Lauren Stewart).


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