Leticia Pablos Robles

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My research interest is in the interdisciplinary fields of psycho and neurolinguistics. I am interested in the subconscious mechanisms present in the comprehension of phenomena on the syntax-semantics interface.

I currently work in the NWO Project Understanding Questions (as a post-doctoral researcher (PIs: Prof. Dr. Lisa L.-S. Cheng and Dr. Jenny Doetjes). This project is in charge of examining the anticipatory processes in the processing of wh-in-situ questions of Mandarin Chinese and French by investigating the prosodic characteristics of these constructions via their production and comprehension. To study these phenomena I use both behavioral techniques and electrophysiology and I have carried out fieldwork in France and China.

Project: Understanding questions 

Project: Understanding of the strategies used by the human language parser in the completion of a dependency in real-time language processing

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