Jessie Nixon

jessienixonI'm interested in the cognitive and neural processing of speech sounds during speech production and perception. My research has used behavioural, eye-tracking and electrophysiological methods to investigate various aspects of sub-phonemic processing. Although phonological processing is most often measured in terms of phonemes, there is huge variation in the acoustic form of speech that phonemes don't account for. I'm interested in how this acoustic variation is processed and what it can tell us about phonological processing in general. In particular, I have focused on how tonal variants and phonetic features are processed during Mandarin and Dutch speech production, respectively, and how the degree of acoustic variation (i.e. statistical noise) affects perception of Cantonese segment and tone contrasts.

I'm also interested in statistical methods, such as linear and non-linear mixed regression modelling (e.g, lmer and generalised additive mixed modelling), and their application to analysis of EEG data, for which item analysis is often omitted.

Project: Representation and processing of pitch in tonal languages