geambasu andrea 100x120Andreea Geambasu

My name is Andreea Geambasu. I have a BA in Linguistics from the University of California San Diego and an MSc in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Amsterdam. My research interests include evolution of language capacities and language acquisition as it relates to multilingualism, phonetics and phonology, speech production and perception, and cognitive development. I am currently conducting my PhD within the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Claartje Levelt which touches on most of these interests. Our project focuses on how infants are able to extract rules from patterns in auditory input. This ability is the foundation for learning the rules of one's native language and, in my opinion, one of the most interesting questions in the study of linguistics and cognitive science. By means of behavioral and neurophysiological experiments, we seek to understand what domain-general (eg. perceptual and memory) or domain-specific (eg. phonological) constraints guide rule learning, and how such factors interact at different stages of an infant's development.

Project: Segments and rules: a comparative study into the computational mechanisms underlying language acquisition

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