prof.dr. Johan Frijns


I am a professor in Otorhinolaryngology and the head of the Center of Audiology and Hearing Implants at the Leiden University Medical Center. Within the department's focus field of (neur-)otology/audiology, my own research direction is otology and auditory physics with special emphasis on cochlear implants, electrical inner ear prostheses for deaf and severely hearing impaired children and adults. My aspiration is to translate the results of fundamental research (e.g., computational modeling or electrophysiology in laboratory animals) into clinically applicable methods and techniques (such as speech processing strategies or electrode designs) and evaluate these with clinical trials. For this purpose a multidisciplinary setting like the LIBC is indispensable, while my double background as both medical specialist and physicist is beneficial.


Project: Effectiveness of CI in prelingually deafened adults
Project: Neural response measures in CI patients
Project: Research on the fundamental mechanisms and functioning of new speech coding algorithms for cochlear implants 
Project: The social-emotional development and psychopathology of children with hearing impairment
Project: Imaging of the inner ear in relation to cochlear implants


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