dr. Wido La Heij


My main interest is language production, with an emphasis on models of single-word production. The subject of my thesis was the semantic relatedness paradox: the observation that a semantic relation between a to-be-named target and its context facilitates performance in priming paradigms, but hampers performance in Stroop-like paradigms. Later research focussed on semantic and phonological context effects in language production tasks like picture naming, definition naming and word translation (e.g. La Heij, Starreveld & Steehouwer, 1993, JEP:LMC; Starreveld & La Heij, 1996, JEP:LMC) and examined three related issues: (1) nonverbal context effects in word production (resulting in the “Conceptual Selection Model”; Bloem, van den Boogaard & La Heij, 2004, JML), (2) the modelling of different levels of categorization in object naming: basic level naming, category naming and function naming (Kuipers & La Heij, 2008, JML) and (3) lexical selection processes in bilinguals (e.g., La Heij et al. 1996, JML; La Heij, 2005; Costa, La Heij & Navarrete, 2006, Bilingualism). In addition, I am interested in the development of executive functions involved in word production in children (e.g., La Heij & Boelens, 2011, JECP) and in word production in non-alphabetic languages (e.g., Verdonschot, La Heij & Schiller, 2010, Cognition).

Project: Bilingual word production and translation: selection processes in lexical access
Project: Word Production: the interpretation of context effects in object naming in terms of models of word production



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