dr. Arie Verhagen


I have been the Chair of Dutch Linguistics at Leiden University since 1998. I received my PhD at the Free University in Amsterdam. From my dissertation work onwards, I have been especially interested in joining the study of grammar to the study of language use in discourse. I have taught at the Free University, Utrecht University, and Leiden University. My publications include the following books: Linguistic Theory and the Function of Word Order in Dutch (Foris/Mouton de Gruyter, 1986), Usage-Based Approaches to Dutch (LOT, 2003, co-edited with Jeroen van de Weijer), Constructions of Intersubjectivity. Discourse, Syntax, and Cognition (Oxford University Press, 2005; extended paperback edition 2007). A Dutch introduction to linguistics for secondary schools was published by me (Taalkunde voor het VWO, Amsterdam University Press, 2006, with two co-authors). I was editor of the major Dutch linguistics journal Nederlandse taalkunde (and one of its predecessors) from 1981 until 1999, and editor-in-chief of the journal Cognitive Linguistics from 1996 until 2004. My research focuses on relations between language use and language structure, synchronically and diachronically, in a usage-based, evolutionary approach to construction grammar.

Project: Construction grammar and evolutionary linguistics
Project: Intersubjectivity and the management of perspectives
Project: Categories of causality


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