Phonetics lab

Phonetics Lab

phonetic-labThe Phonetics lab consists of a teaching/meeting room with a high-quality sound reproduction system (twin Quad electrostatic loudspeakers), a small library (Lipsius 111), and two sound-proofed experiment booths (Lipsius 108-109). The booths were facilitated with direct-to disk-recording and can also be used for other behavioral experiments. Various programs (e.g., DMDX, E-Prime, Praat, SPSS, and Adobe Audition) are available for data collection and analyses. Portable equipment includes various sound recorders (e.g., solid state, DAT, and analog tape recorders) as well as a range of condenser and dynamic microphones.

The lab also has a Frokyaer-Jensen electroglottograph (for reliable measurement of glottal frequency and estimation of glottal closure duration). Lipsius 107 houses student work stations for analysis and synthesis of speech. There are four rooms that are used as offices for faculty, staff, postdocs and (paid) PhD candidates (currently 12 persons in all). The lab's electronic technician and software specialist, Jos Pacilly, is available for consultation on the use of equipment and software (by appointment, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).