oneill gareth 100x125Gareth O'neill

I am a PhD student supervised by Prof. Dr. Arie Verhagen and Dr. Eithne Carlin to investigate the linguistic encoding of experiential conceptualisations and map the semantic/cognitive categorisation of experience in Irish. The project attempts to answer the following three research questions: 1) Which experiential constructions may be distinguished and classified in Irish? 2) What determines the selection of specific experiential constructions and prepositions? 3) What do these experiential constructions reveal about language and the mind? The project involves a corpus-based data-driven description of experiential predication in Irish within the general framework of basic linguistic theory and employs statistical/collostructional methods as well as insights from cognitive/functional theories such as Cognitive Grammar, Construction, Grammar, and Functional Discourse Grammar.

Project: Experiential Predication in Irish, a cognitive-linguistic analysis of experience in a Celtic language

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Personal webpage: http://www.hum.leiden.edu/lucl/organisation/phd-a-z/oneillgt.html